Ecuador can be divided up into 4 distinctive groups

La Costa- also known as the coast. It is mainly the lower region of land in the western portion of the country. The region includes the Pacific coastline.

La Sierra- this area of Ecuador is also known as the “highlands” because it is a high altitude belt of land running from north to south mainly along the centre of the entire country and beyond its borders. It is mountainous, and is dominated by the Andes mountain range.

La Amazonia- known as El Oriente contains some of the Amazon rain forest region that spills over into Ecuador. This region of Ecuador accounts for nearly half of Ecuador’s total land surface area. The area is sparsely populated with only around 5% of the country’s population living here.

The Galapagos- located around 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) west of the shores of Ecuador lies the island chain of the Galapagos. This distinct and protected area is the jewel of Ecuador, providing big demand for tourists.


Ecuador’s Climate

Largely Ecuador’s climate and weather is determined by the altitude. It is mild all year in the mountainous valleys, and subtropical in the coastal areas further inland. The coastal areas of Ecuador has a tropical climate. The Andes has a temperate and somewhat dry climate, often with low humidity. The Amazon region of Ecuador has the rain forest, which is made possible due to the wet and tropical climate of the region. The region is heavily forested making it a true jungle.

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