FAQ about Mirador San Jose

Where is Mirador San Jose located?

Mirador San Jose is located on the tropical coast of Ecuador. We are at kilometer 607 on the coastal highway Ruta Del Spondylus. Our community is 40 minutes south of Manta and 10 minutes north of Puerto Cayo.

What is it like to fly to Ecuador from North America?

It is very easy to come to Ecuador from Canada and United States. Most major airlines currently fly to Quito and Guayaquil. Miami to Quito for example is approximately a 4 hour flight. Then you can take a short 40 minute flight from Quito to Manta for as little as $45 US. Manta is planning to have International flights from North America in 2014-2015.

What are the average lots sizes at Mirador San Jose?

Our lots at Mirador San Jose have dimensions from 150 to 350 square meters,(approximately 1,600 to 3,800 square feet.) You have an option to buy multiple lots that are adjoining to make yourself a large yard if you wish.

Can you own a business at Mirador San Jose?

Yes, our community also has commercial zones. The sectors of 11, 11A, 11B, 11C, 32, 52, and 52A.You can build your business on these lots. Everything from restaurants, rentals and stores. Whatever your imagination desires. As with the residential lots, the commercial businesses must be approved by Mirador San Jose Urbanization.

Do you have any beachfront lots available at Mirador San Jose?

Yes, we have a few remaining beachfront lots left. However, they are available through private sale only. Contact Mirador San Jose for more information.

When will the infrastructure be completed at Mirador San Jose?

The cutting and filling of low areas in all the Zones will be completed by the end of 2013. Major avenues and roads will receive pavement. Street lights and drainage will also be completed by the end of 2013. The private beach and malecon have already been completed. Final landscaping on the private beach and malecon will be completed by the end of 2013. Placement of utilities underground will be carried out in early 2014. All projects will be completed by 2015.

When was Mirador San Jose urbanization started?

We broke ground for the first road in to the project August 15,2009.

Will the electricity poles block my views of the ocean?

No, the current electrical network is only temporary. All the electrical services will be underground.

Does Mirador San Jose recycle?

Yes of course. Mirador San Jose urbanization is the largest ecological residential development of its kind in Ecuador.
Mirador San Jose’s recycling center recycles metal, paper, glass and plastic. We also use the organic waste for compost to
fertilize all of the plants on site. Our facility is used as a learning centre for the surrounding communities to improve
awareness and encourage recycling.

Is sewage dumped into the ocean?

No way. Our urbanization is the largest ecological development of its kind in Ecuador. All waste is controlled using a bio-
digester system at every household. The system treats the waste and is combined with the household grey water to irrigate
your grass and trees on your property.

What is the beach like at Mirador San Jose?

Stunning! We are told by many people that our beach is the most beautiful beach in Ecuador. Our beach is sandy with no rocks
and stones. At low tide our beach is incredibly long. The stretch of coast around Mirador San Jose has nearly 12 km of
virgin beach.We have excellent sand compaction for activities such as jogging and walking. Come and see for yourself what
your tropical paradise looks like.

Is the ocean dangerous?

There are many shallow areas that are large to play in. It is safe for people of all ages and levels of swimming. It is
advisable like with any ocean beach, not to venture to far into the ocean. Ocean currents can be very strong and the waves
can be large at times. This makes Mirador San Jose beach a great place for surfers.

Does Mirador San Jose urbanization allow pets?

Yes, we do allow pets. Pet owners must be responsible at all times for their pets and they must be on a leash. Owners must
also pick up after their pets.

Are there many trees at Mirador San Jose?

Mirador San Jose urbanization currently has many trees. More than 5,000 different types of trees, flowers, palm trees and
fruit trees have been planted throughout the project as well as the parks. It is also a requirement for each lot owner to
plant 1 tree for every 50 square meters per lot. This requirement of Mirador San Jose ensures that each lot will have a
minimum of 3 trees per lot on the urbanization. This equates to 8,000 trees just for the lots at Mirador San Jose. An
additional 10,000+ plants will be added at Mirador San Jose upon final completion of the urbanization. Our property will be
a beautiful well treed paradise.

What is the weather like at Mirador San Jose?

We are located in a tropical dry forest micro-climate making Mirador San Jose surprisingly less humid with little annual
rainfall. Our area had 2 distinctive seasons; the wet and the dry season. From December to June is the wet season when the
majority of our rainfall occurs. It is also surprisingly the most sunniest time with showers occurring overnight making way
for sun during the day. The dry season is from June to early December has more cloudy days with little measurable
rainfall for nearly 6 months! Some of the trees in the region also lose their leaves during this time. Our annual temperature
average is 27 Celsius during the day and 21 Celsius at night.

Is there a place to buy groceries near Mirador San Jose?

Yes. There will be stores and grocery stores right in the urbanization. If you wish to explore the area, you can buy fresh
fruit, seafood, vegetables and other necessities in the nearby villages within a 10 minute drive in either direction. If you
choose, you can shop in the city of Manta for all modern conveniences and items that you need.

Can I rent my property if I am away?

Of course. We have a property management service that will assist you with renting your property.

Is the urbanization of Mirador San Jose a gated community?

Yes, the entire perimeter of the property will have a concrete wall that will blend with the environment. The entrance has
security 24/7 and is controlled at the entrance as well as the beach. Making our community safe and secure.

Financial Information

Can I finance my lot purchase?

Absolutely. You can finance your purchase for up to 36 months (some restrictions apply.) A down payment is required when
financing. Zone A : 35% Zone B : 30% Zone C : 25% (some exceptions for certain zones and lots, and subject to change without
any notice.) Please contact and verify with Mirador San Jose about your financing options.

What are the prices of the lots?

Our lots start at $12,000 USD (subject to change.)

Is there a monthly fee at Mirador San Jose?

Yes, there is an association fee that you must pay for each lot that you own. Currently it is $10 per month per lot (subject
to change.) The fee covers things such as maintenance, security and refuse collection.

If I pay cash, do I get a rebate?

Yes you may be eligible for a promotion or a discount. Contact Mirador San Jose for more information.

What happens if I miss a financing payment?

Arrangements can be made to assist you with reorganizing your payments if you are in financial difficulty. However, if you
are negligent in your payments, we will authorize our mortgage rights and your lot may be repossessed.

How much are the land taxes on my lot at Mirador San Jose?

Presently the municipal taxes are determined by the size of your lot. For every square meter of land you have the taxes are
2% ($4 per square meter.) For example, if your lot is 150 square meters, it would be 2% x $4 x 150m2= $12 US per year. When
you construct your home the municipal tax will increase to approximately $200 per year for a home that is 100 square meters.
At this time there is no school taxes at Mirador San Jose.

What do some of the utilities cost?

An estimated cost for two people in a home would be:
. Electricity $0.13 per kw-h
. Water $10 per month
. Propane (gas) for cooking, drying, hot water $15 per month

What would it cost to insure my home?

Home insurance is uncommon in Ecuador. Perhaps it is due to the concrete construction. If you wish to purchase home
insurance, it is approximately similar in cost as Canada and the United States.

Building your home

Can I reserve a lot at Mirador San Jose?

Absolutely, contact Mirador San Jose for all the details.

I want to build a home, is there house plans available?

Yes we have different house models to choose from. Contact Mirador San Jose for information.

Do I have to use your house plans or can I use my own?

Yes, you can use your house plans. However the plans must be approved by Mirdor San Jose.

Is there a height restriction on building a house?

Yes, two stories with a rooftop terrace is permitted at Mirador San Jose.

Do I need a visa to come to Ecuador?

No, you are automatically granted a 90 day tourist visa. Your passport is stamped at customs upon your arrival.

Can I become a resident of Ecuador?

Yes you can. Contact the Ecuadorian consulate nearest your home for more information. Obtaining residency in Ecuador is
fairly straight forward. Allow plenty of time for the paperwork. Most people will apply for either a Retiree visa or an
Investor visa. An Investor visa requires a property investment of $25,000 or a bank deposit. The construction of your home
and lot purchase can be combined to help you meet the requirement easily.

Is the land title the same as in Canada?

Yes you have title ownership and the title is registered at the Land Registrar in Montecristi.

Can I purchase a lot even if I am not in Ecuador?

Yes, Mirador San Jose can arrange this on your behalf.Please contact us how we may help you on this.

How long does it take to receive the land title in my name?

Normally it takes around 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I use my own lawyer?

Yes you can use your own lawyer of choice.

Can I see the property before I choose to buy a lot?

Of course you can. We would be happy to show you our property. We can even assist you in your travel plans. Contact us for more information.

Why should I invest in Mirador San Jose?

We are the only Canadian owned and promoted beachfront residential project in Latin America. The beach and climate at
Mirador San Jose rivals that of many top destinations in the world. Real estate in Ecuador is still affordable compared to
places such as Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean. The culture, inexpensive cost of living, great food and friendly people
make Ecuador a great place to retire or to build your dream vacation home in the tropics.Ecuador has also been name top
retirement destination in the world several years in a row by publishers and leading magazines such as International Living.