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In this gallery you will find images of everything pertaining to Mirador San Jose residential community. We are continually assembling a collection of pictures starting with our archives of 2012. Older archives are sorted and added as we get them. Once this enormous task of labelling, categorizing, and implementing it to the website has been completed, our Web master will continue adding previous year archives to the database making it all available to you on our website.

Once this is completed, our website will have the largest database of Mirador San Jose pictures and video on the internet! An enormous task, but we feel it is worth it. You will have all of the photos and videos available to view on our website for easy convenience and access.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to contribute your photo to us, please contact our Webmaster.

We are continually adding photos to our photo gallery archives. We have the largest collection of photos on Mirador San Jose on the internet, with over 5,000 images to date.

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