Many people around the world are choosing Ecuador as the perfect spot to retire overseas. There are many good reasons for doing so. In fact from 2008 through 2013, Ecuador was named the number one place to retire in the world according to The cities are cosmopolitan, and life in a beautiful valley serene. The weather in Ecuador is as close to perfect as you can find. It is located on the equator which is perfect for a beach lifestyle, and in the high altitudes of the Andes, the weather is cool, with a perpetual spring year round. The average daily temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The local population is also known for its friendliness. The Pacific Coast is a beautiful place, lined with clean, pristine beaches, and with several different communities to choose from. Between five and 10,000 Americans are currently living in Ecuador. These expatriates chose Ecuador not only because of the beauty, but because health care costs are low, and the real estate market is very affordable, especially compared to the United States. Many Americans live on $2000 a month or less, so for those on a fixed income, living here fits their budgets perfectly.


At the beach at San Jose

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ecuador is a huge draw too. Imagine a dinner for $2.50 and a large beer for less than a dollar. For those who become residents of Ecuador and are senior citizens, sales taxes are refunded, airline tickets are discounted, and transportation and entertainment are half price. Ecuador even makes moving there easier, since household goods that you bring into the country are duty free. Many people decide to work instead of completely retiring. The business climate there is wonderful and many expats start their own businesses. For those concerned about the cost of health care in Ecuador, you can get top notch medical treatment for a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the United States. Many of the Health Care providers were trained in Europe as well as North America. The level of service is exceptional with doctors and nurses who spend a great deal of time with you, for about quarter of what a doctor’s visit would cost in the U.S. As of 2013, your average trip to a general practitioner will set you back 25 to 30 dollars. Most brand name medications are less expensive, and generic versions are exceptionally less than what you would pay for them in the United States. Health Insurance is equally less expensive, with some policies costing 80 to 90% less, with excellent coverage. A trip to the dentist is also easier on the pocketbook in Ecuador. In fact, a thriving dental tourism industry has sprouted up here with many people from the United States having dental work done at 50% or more savings compared to a trip to the dentist back home.

Mirador San Jose

While many Americans live independently, many opt to live in residential communities with other expats. This allows them to be with other like-minded people, while also enjoying the local communities and their residents. Many of these communities have top notch security, with many of these neighborhoods gated. The Mirador San Jose is one such place. This retirement haven has beautiful views of the Pacific Coast, with the Isla de la Plata across from it. It is owned by a Canadian company, and was specifically designed for expats from North America. Many retirees are having custom built homes constructed. Some will use it as a vacation home, as the cost of beachfront real estate is very reasonable. There are also condominiums in development. Also, many investors see this as an ideal location to invest in beachfront real estate. Located on the coast of the Manabi province, it features immaculate beaches, and its coastline has had only limited development. Close to the Mirador San Jose is the amenity rich city of Manta, Ecuador. This small city of 300,000 people has everything that an expat from North America would expect from a city in the United States. It is one of the few municipalities on the coastline that has modern supermarkets, open air restaurants, and shopping centers. Many expats also enjoy a delicious local produce year round. Manta also has many restaurants on the beach, which serve delicious, freshly caught seafood that fits nicely in a retiree’s budget. Many Americans take for granted that up-to-date entertainment venues are everywhere. This is not always the case. Manta also has a vibrant night life, with a variety of clubs, and even a casino. Manta also can boast of an international Airport, Parks, and many churches. Arts and culture have a sound home here. There are also several museums and galleries.

Puerto Cayo Area

Ten minutes south of the Mirador San Jose you will find a precious fishing village, which is without question, stunning. It is called Puerto Cayo. The population is only about 1200 people, and many tourists have not discovered this gem. It has of course, amazing beaches, with many restaurants that are very reasonably priced. This area is also known for their surfing. One of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see is the migration of the hump back whale. The prime time to see the migration is between June and September every year. Puerto Cayo has some of the best whale watching opportunities in Ecuador. Nearby you will find the Parque Nacional Machalilla, a large protected park known for its beauty. This area is relatively under developed for now, but tourism will definitely be playing a larger role in its economy in the foreseeable future. Also, this area is a prime location for business development and investment. Beachfront real estate is priced very reasonably at the moment, and this would be the perfect time to take advantage of that the coast of Ecuador is a perfect place to live. With its warm and friendly people, the fine arts, its business friendly, and its inexpensive Health Care System makes this a perfect place to retire. With beautiful communities like the Mirador San Jose, you can also live with other expats, in a secure safe environment. Choose the coast of Ecuador for retirement or as an investment. You will not be disappointed.