If you are among one of many Canadians or Americans who are approaching retirement and looking at your “nest egg” and wondering to yourself if you can actually retire, you are not alone. There are growing numbers of people in North America that now need to put off their retirement because of worries that they will not be able to have a comfortable retirement to sustain themselves into their golden years.

It is no secret that both the Canadian and American governments will be strained to provide social security to the growing numbers of retirees that are expected in the next decade. Among that, other worries such as struggling economies, rising cost of living and no adjustment of social security income to coincide with the inflation rate are concerning to financial planners and those wishing to retire comfortably.

Many people for this reason are beginning to think “outside of the box” from traditional retirement ideas. At one time you were able to work for a company for many years and get a nice retirement check when it was time to retire. This is no longer the case as times have changed. People are now beginning to look at other alternatives to their retirement and for many, that includes moving outside of their current country of residence.

Ecuador to the rescue

The secret to a great retirement might be as simple as getting on a plane and going south. As little as 10 years ago, if you mentioned Ecuador to someone, there is a good chance they might not know exactly where Ecuador was and would need the assistance of a map. However, that is changed drastically of the past 10 years as Ecuador has received a lot of publicity in the media. You may have read or seen more than once how Ecuador is being discovered by vacationers, retirees and those looking for real estate opportunities in Ecuador.

There are many reasons why people are looking to buy real estate in Ecuador. For some it is the realization that Ecuador has huge potential for not only retiring to, but for many it is the possibility to actually retire early than previously imagined. What if you could retire to a place that had a much lower cost of living, tropical weather, great food, and very friendly people? Would it perk your interest? Of course it would. There is good reason why Ecuador has been named #1 Retirement destination in the world again for 2013.

Buying real estate at Mirador San Jose, Ecuador

Mirador San Jose is your retirement secret to buying real estate in Ecuador. Are you tired of cold winters and the rising cost of living? You don’t need to put up with it. Live your retirement dreams in a tropical paradise. You can have that choice whether it is living at our gated residential community for 6 months a year, or living in Ecuador permanently, both are incredibly easy. Buying real estate at Mirador San Jose is extremely easy and secure. You can learn more information on our website at Mirador San Jose. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions you may have. We care about our future residents and want your experience buying real estate in Ecuador to be stress and worry free.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Real Estate At Mirador San Jose, Ecuador

  1. Our gated community is Canadian owned and operated.
  2. Mirador San Jose is the largest ecological development of its kind in Ecuador.
  3. Purchasing your real estate is easy and affordable. We have lots available starting at $20,000 USD.
  4. We offer financing for your purchase with 30% down and up to a 3 year term for repayment.
  5. Incredible tropical climate, with very little rainfall and year round temperatures of 27 Celsius.
  6. Residential, commercial and social areas.
  7. Mirador San Jose is only 40 minutes away from the modern conveniences of the city of Manta and an international airport.
  8. Maintain the same lifestyle you are used to, but for a much lower cost of living. Your retirement dollars go much further in Ecuador. Live extremely comfortable on your monthly retirement checks from Canada or United States.
  9. The food is excellent and many fruits and vegetables are local and organic. The seafood is fresh and inexpensive from local fishermen in the area.
  10. Ecuador’s real estate, especially on the coast will provide you with excellent future returns on your real estate investment. Mirador San Jose provides you with the opportunity to buy your real estate in Ecuador securely with the safety of a Canadian owned and managed company.


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